Meet the team

Meet the team


Professor Sakkie Pretorius is responsible for the development and strategic enhancement of Macquarie University's research and innovation profile.

The portfolio responsibility includes developing and implementing strategies for improving research quality, capacity and capability across the University while maximising research funding streams, 合作和更高学位的研究注册和完成.

In addition to consulting with the University community on the creation of the Strategic Research Framework (2015–2024), the 副校长(研究) promotes the framework’s four research objectives and five research priorities.

The DVCR is supported by Research Services and Pro-Vice Chancellor research management team:


This portfolio incorporates the Graduate Research Academy (GRA)负责监督麦考瑞大学的研究培训, working in collaboration with faculties and the University’s broader research community to deliver an exceptional experience for Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates. The GRA is responsible for:

  • 为大学的HDR项目提供学术和战略领导
  • 制定研究培训的政策框架
  • developing tailored support and development programs to ensure candidates are world-ready and highly employable
  • providing opportunities for career-enhancing exposure to industry and the community
  • 制定计划,以建立优秀的监督专业知识和指导
  • 提供候选生命周期的操作管理, including recruitment, admission, progression, and completion
  • overseeing scholarship investment to attract high potential candidates in areas of research strengths and developing relationships with external funding agencies
  • 建立和维护科研培训伙伴关系, 包括澳大利亚最大的农场, 联合博士和研究硕士交换项目.


This portfolio provides strategic leadership on all matters relating to research & 开发、研究创新、翻译和商业化. The portfolio:

  • 领导内部政策的制定和实施, processes and guidelines within the context of research innovation and research-related industry engagement
  • leads the University’s approach to research translation, development and commercialisation
  • 培养和维持战略伙伴关系和联盟, and leads activities across the University to promote and build the University’s national and international reputation within industry, government and business
  • 领导涉及行业EA官网的主要研究项目
  • oversees the development of research consultancies and contract research in the interests of the University through Access Macquarie
  • 监督知识产权商业化谘询委员会
  • through the 商业化和创新办公室
    • supports staff and students with commercialisation and entrepreneurial endeavours, 包括识别创新, intellectual property protection and commercialisation strategies (including start-ups)
    • facilitates the take up of the University’s intellectual property by external parties.


This portfolio supports the University’s vision for an accelerating and impactful performance in discovery and provides strategic leadership to improve our research fitness and adaptability in a challenging and changing environment. The portfolio:

  • identifies, 培育和利用研究领域的优势, supporting existing and emerging groups on trajectories to significant external success via the Macquarie University Research Centre scheme
  • 监督新政策的实施, infrastructure and training to future proof research practices in collaboration with the Director of Data Science and eResearch
  • leads initiatives to ensure optimal support for research and researchers in collaboration with faculties and offices
  • 培养和支持战略研究决策的循证方法
  • leads exercises in research reputation including ARC ERA and ARC Engagement/Impact, 并促进研究声誉转化为新的机会.


Research Services works in partnership with colleagues across the University’s research ecosystem to deliver the following research support services:

  • Pre Award
    Pre Award团队帮助研究人员确定资助资金来源, supports the establishment and maintenance of collaborative research partnerships, 为高质量的研究资助提案提供指导, 确保申请符合资助规则, 并代表大学管理所有的研究基金申请.
  • Post Award & Reporting
    The Post Award & Reporting Team assist with managing the life cycle of funded research projects including variations, amendments and reporting. The Team also provides reporting of research management data for internal and external purposes, 以及对所有研究系统的培训.
  • Research Ethics & Integrity
    The Research Ethics & Integrity Team promotes and supports the embedding of research integrity into researchers’ everyday practice; promotes adherence to the 麦考瑞大学负责任的研究行为准则; manages the assessment and approval process for animal and human research through the Human Research Ethics Committees and Animal Ethics Committee; manages integrity allegations and investigations and provides training and advice for Researcher and HDR Students in all of these areas.
  • 研究政策,合同,遵守 & Biosafety
    研究政策,合同,遵守 & 生物安全小组审查和维护研究相关政策, negotiates and arranges execution of research contracts and ensures that the University complies with biosafety and defence trade controls legislation and policy via the Institutional Biosafety Committee and Defence Trade Controls panel.
  • National Security and Defence
    The National Security and Defence team assists staff to understand and comply with their obligations under ‘security focused’ Australian legislation. This is part of ensuring that the University’s academics conduct their research with integrity and in compliance with all security-focussed laws. The team works to ensure that research at Macquarie is conducted in a secure environment and free from foreign interference.

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